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100% customer-centric Digital eXperience Platform

Turn clients visits into positive reviews and convert customer engagement into revenue through referrals, social media reviews and user-generated shared experiences from customer touchpoints: online, in-store, billboards, kiosks, customer portals, mobiles, digital signage, e-commerce platforms, and more... 


ALL WAYS ON! (top-down & bottom-up) 

Automatically consolidate all brand media activities whether owned, earned or paid. Never miss out on any of your customers brand mentions and watch out for any user-generated related content or #hashtag in a secure, seamless, media-friendly and 100% brand-controlled hub.



Empower your customers to talk and share their passion for the products and brands they love, and to be encouraged and rewarded for it. Leverage customer experiences, influence, voice and sentiments to engage consumers across all brand touchpoints (online and offline).



Reward content creators to become influencers on a level-playing field that rewards honesty, authenticity and value of content in a more ethical way while building a self-sustaining customer-driven company.



Create a unified and personalized customer engagement hub in one cost-effective, easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated web application featuring new Media / Channels/ Communities connected to any e-commerce platform (Click & Collect / E-commerce platform / Drive / Email).



Automatically consolidate all your media data and all customer experiences data. From Customer insights to “Customer as Brand”, helps you unleash the power of consumers as brand advocates.

Yes, you can beat COVID-19 impact on your hospitality businesses.


Easily create Interactive Online Catalogs and offers.

All you need is Go4.Social to transform all your print catalogs and leaflets into e-commerce ready media channels. 


Turning in-house events into shareable e-catalogs

Whether public or VIP only, turn your in-house scheduled events into brand e-catalogs and invite your customer to beat Covid-19.


Empower digital signage and teams in point-of-sale

Easily manage live and dynamic content from all your social feeds, offline media and User Generated reviews and referrals.


One app to treat them all VIP!

 Invite your VIPs to talk and share their passion for the products and brands they love directly from their phone and unleash the power of organic influencers as brand advocates.


Bring your promotions and sales back to life.

When referred by friends your promotions and sales campaign became instantly credible and customers feel more confident about their purchase decision


Own your ad spend.

Stop the ad sales people from milking as much of your media budget as they can and treat every Go4.Social app and every customer as a new opportunity to market your product and boost your marketing ROI.

Are you ready to empower your customers with exclusive, personalized, and content relevant omnichannels experiences?

Empower your bonded customers through rewards that "money can't buy" with customers becoming the brand “media” while building a self-sustaining customer-focused company.

How can we help you?

Hospitality Quick Wins

Create an engaging, dynamic and content-rich material that provides guests and visitors with the information they need — from user-generated reviews and brand content to videos and blog posts — when they need it.

Automatically transform your offers and catalogs into mobile applications

Create dedicated applications, connected to your reservation hub by automatically integrating your offers, promotions, and catalogs into your customers' cell phones.

Offer a secure app that can be easily installed on customers' cell phone.

A secure PWA, available outside the iOS, Android and Huawei "stores", that can be installed IN ONE CLICK in all your clients' mobiles, PCs, laptops and tablets.

Display all your offers and sales promotion in your digital signage AND in your customers' cell phones. 

Automatically turn all your digital signage offers and promotions into shareable posts connected to your online reservations.

Invite your clients to private VIP zones and boost their power of influence. 

Automatically create private mobile apps and unleash the natural power of influence of your VIPs by offering them exclusives to share.

Foster your customers and activate your communities of fans.

Keep in touch with your customers and visitors, even remotely, thanks to a hub of verified information, exclusives, promotions and trusted reviews visible on mobiles and in digital signage, of course!

Turn your customers and visitors into the best ambassadors for your offers and services.

Go4.Social's AI identifies trusted "ambassadors" to boost referrals and products/services advocacy.

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