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Build your own Influence Network to source the perfect niche content creators for your brand and create a self-sustaining Community. 

Go4.Social | 100% Organic Community Influence

Brand Communities

Turn brand lovers into brand ambassadors.

Turn passion & drive for your brands into trusted referrals. 

- Engage with your advocates on a personal level, while helping them hone their passion to become brand influencers.
- Strengthen your brand community by putting authentic, customer-driven content front and center. 
- Harness the positive sentiment of your happy customers by sharing their stories on social networks
- Build less transactional, more authentic relationships with influencers who genuinely love your brand. 

Unleash the power of fans and followers as brand advocate.

Go4.Social | Employee Community

Employee Communities

Employees are your best ambassadors.

Gather your talents on a unified and branded online platform to encourage exchanges and discussions. 

- Engage your network, drive collaboration, and share best practices.
- Accelerate recruitment, keep in touch with former employees and capture business leads.
- Increase employee retention, as well as boosting productivity.
- Foster in-person networking and opportunity sharing.

Unleash the power of employees as brand advocate.

Go4.Social | Event Community

Event communities

Turn your Events Into Connection Powerhouses. 

Enhance the attendee journey and turn guests into valuable brand advocates 

- Enhance your attendee’s journey with interaction, collaboration and gamification.
- Create a unifying, personal space within the larger event to identify top influential users.
- Facilitate attendee interaction and foster a sharing environment by featuring guest stories on media walls during events.
- Use our smart gamification feature to gauge interest, guide traffic, and encourage interaction.

Unleash the power of your attendees as brand advocate.

Go4.Social | Retail Community

Retail Communities

Create an unforgettable point-of-sale experience.

Turn visits into positive reviews and purchases into trusted recommendations. 

-Automatically display your news, catalogs, web exclusives and special offers in the POP/POS's Digital Signage.
- Engage with your shoppers on a personal level, globally and locally. 
- Easily manage team, asset and digital signage activities.
- Enable each POP/POS to create its unique content/ digital signage CTAs while monitoring your corporate brand assets.

Unleash the power of your shoppers as brand advocate.

Community doesn’t get much better than that!

“Whether it’s through rewards, special events, user-generated content, or brand advocates, the world’s biggest brand communities give their members the tools to bring other like-minded individuals into the brand’s story, the motivation to keep them engaged, and the power to spread the love as far as they can.”

Philippe Permanne Mansuino, Co-founder @Go4social 


Today, consumers are demanding more from the brands and influencers they pay attention to and trust. They are looking for transparency, authenticity and genuine value, and brands need to step up. 

Go4.Social | Hospitality Community

Hospitality & Tourism Communities

In guests we trust.

Go4.Social fosters trust with guests to turn stays into positive reviews and referrals into revenue.

- Easily create dedicated mobile applications, connected to your reservation hubs.
- Automatically push your offers, services and catalogs to your customer's phones.
Invite your best clients to private VIP zones and boost their power of influence.
- Foster your customers and activate your communities of fans.

Unleash the power of your community members to become credible brand ambassadors.

Go4.Social | Luxury & VIP Community

Luxury & Fashion Communities

Chic happens.

Build your own "Maison of Influence" to source #relevant content creators for your brand and create VIP communities.

- Engage with your VIPs on a personal level, while helping them hone their passion to become brand influencers.
- Strengthen your brand community by sharing authentic, community-driven content front and center.
- Harness the positive sentiment of community members by sharing their stories on social networks.
- Build less transactional, more authentic relationships with influencers who genuinely love your brand.

Engaging the power of affluence: Unleash the power of VIP's to shape the perception and future of your brand .

Go4.Social | Charity Community

Gov, Charity & NGO Communities

Give your volunteers a big voice without spending a big budget...

Go4.Social harmonize your communications touchpoints to drive donations and engagement.

- Fuel your volunteer's passion with trustworthy content while identifying and recruiting new ambassadors and donors for your cause.
- Create private channels for top community members to create and share news and quality contents.
- Easily manage live and dynamic content from all your social feeds, offline media and user generated reviews and referrals.
- Identify devoted members with highly engaged followings and recruit them as influencers for your cause. 

Turn your volunteers into  Social Network's Super Heroes.

Go4.Social | Gaming Community

Gaming & e-Sport Communities

Follow the White Rabbit 

Create communities powerhouses that really fosters emotional connectivity, leadership skills and increase engagement level.

- Get the gamers attention with exclusive and "easter egg" type information, as well as branded and top gamers content.
- Have them play along and “own” the media by gamifying their engagement: make it a Massively Multiplayer Online Sharing Game.
- Challenge and reward the most influential individuals to make it to the Hall of Fame.
- Trigger user participation with live social feeds at e-sport events 

Unleash the power of gamers to empower your communities.

Are you ready to empower your audiences with exclusive, personalized content, and relevant opportunities?

Empower your brand ambassadors through rewards that "money can't buy" with customers becoming the brand “media” while building a self-sustaining influence-focused company.

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