Build a self-sustaining Community that harness the voices and experiences of your fans and followers to power your marketing and engagement strategies.

Go4.Social | Forget Fake News

Stop worrying about fake followers and inauthentic engagement

Stop wasting your precious time (and media budget) looking for expensive and most probably "fake" social media influencers. 
Build your own Influence Network to source the perfect content creators for your brand.

- Automatically connect to genuine content creators who really like your brand and products;
- Automatically display 100% ORGANIC contents 
- allow users to share original experiences;
- Leverage content authenticity and relevance to drive advocacy;
- Identify real influencers and drive digital transactions;

Unleash the power of the consumer as brand advocate.

Go4.Social | One App To Rule Them All


Beat changes in social networks algorithms 

Avoid the noise of social media, make your content more visible and invite your clients to a private, ad-free meta-network.  Go4.Social is hosted on a secure, media-friendly and 100% brand-controlled environment with all the advantages of social networks and none of the drawbacks 

- Automatically harmonize all your social media feeds
- Harvest genuine, accurate, and deep customer insights;
- Create, edit or personalize content integrating customer voice and experience
- Give customers reasons to share and participate;

Unleash the power of the consumer as brand advocate.

Go4.Social | All Ways On Strategy

Build an Always-On strategy rather than costly one-off campaigns

Empower genuine influencers that authentically reach your brand’s many consumer tribes to incorporate this resonant content into social media conversations at scale... while:

- Keeping influencer cost to a minimum
- Delivering tailored, targeted messaging at the right time.
- Leverage influencer content for wider digital marketing purposes to ensure maximum exposure, reach and investment.

Unleash the power of the consumer as brand advocate.

Go4.Social | Create your Private Influencer House


Create your own influence power hub and meet your next ambassadors by collaborating with influencers and opinion leaders in your community.

- Create your influencer houses where content creators group together and co-create content to leverage the presence of your brands on social networks.
- Identify your most influential customers to treat and reward them accordingly;
- Empower your ambassadors to earn exclusive rewards with customers becoming the brand “media” while building a self-sustaining customer-driven company;

Unleash the power of the consumer as brand advocate.

Go4.Social | Keep Up with Social Media Trends

Keep up with social media trends to stay relevant

Create your own watchdog hub by empowering community members and opinion leaders in your community.

- Create a private monitoring channel for top community members to share the most trending news, hashtags, podcasts and forums;
- Subscribe and display news from different sources (social networks, blogs, RSS, etc.) on a single channel;
- Automatically retrieve content from trend sites in your industry; 
- Follow leading industry website, blogs and Linkedin Groups;
- Automatically retrieve trending event notifications from Eventbrite or Splashthat;

Unleash the power of community members as trend whistleblowers.

Go4.Social | Give your Community a Voice

Build a strong and resilient community strategy and become a Community-Driven Brand

Create a positive feedback loop, where the stronger your community becomes, the more content you have, the more customers you can attract, and the larger your community grows. 

- Amplify the voice of your customer to truly scale the conversation;
- Harness the positive sentiment of your happy customers by sharing their stories;
- Strengthen your brand community by putting authentic, customer-driven content front and center. 

Unleash the power of your community-driven brand.

Are you ready to empower your customers with exclusive, personalized content, and relevant opportunities?

Empower your brand ambassadors through rewards that "money can't buy" with customers becoming the brand “media” while building a self-sustaining influence-focused company.

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