AMPLIFY the credibility of your company brand and BOOST new hiring thanks to your employee ADVOCACY!

Empower your emloyees to ADVOCATES your HR NEEDS

Global or local, all HR news (indeed / Glassdoor / Monster / etc.), All your recruitment needs and all your employer brand activities finally experienced from a unified smart screen.

Easily edit your social contents to feed your social wall with news and exclusive job offers. Give your employees exclusive infos or privileges to share! 

GO4.SOCIAL HR 2.0 magic formula? "ENGAGEMENTto the power of your employee's REACH"


Identify and incentivize your "rising stars". Empower your advocates to supercharge your social networks!

Activate our "Smart Gamification Amplifier" to cultivate your company’s reputation.
Empower your Advocates to becomes STARS on their social networks.

GO4.SUPER POWER! Our dashboards gives your HR managers the power to follow in real time the impact and relevance of their social strategies. 

Some of our solutions



Together, we empower teams and volunteers to share their missions and their enthusiasm across the social web. Together, we boost your communication with the power of social networks. Together we empower your communities to sponsor your causes and give credibility to your actions. Leverage your volunteer's passions for your causes toward creating a social marketing powerhouse.
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Empower your teammates to supercharge your startup! Put up smart social walls to animate your open space and fuel conversations with exclusive news and perks. Give your teammates an easy way to advocate your business across online channels translating their enthusiasm into a bigger reach, greater awareness, and best of all -- augmented credibility
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Empower your teams and your constituents to share their public service missions. Use Go4.Social walls to bridge the digital and physical divide in Public sector. Enhance your communication with the power of social networks and engage your communities in sponsoring your actions and boost the credibility of your public initiatives on social networks. 
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Empower your customers and afficionados to become your ambassadors and boost the credibility of your brand on social networks! Put up smart social walls to showcase your content in points of sale and corners and Enhance your audience's conversations with exclusive news and special offers. Connect with the energy of social media and watch your brand accelerate.
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