your employees, customers or influencers

BEHIND just because they are working remotely


How many social media networks do you need  

to connect your employees, managers, influencers, partners, clients and customers?


Your own.

(With a little help from us at Go4Social )

Go4Social, 100% Organic Community Influence
Go4.Social builds collaborative communities and groups that empower employees, managers and partners to connect and share their passion for the products and brands they care about both internally and on social media, and to be encouraged and rewarded for it.

Eric Clermontet, Co-founder and CEO of Go4social 


After a "virtual" job interview with a large company, Lisa searched the web for more information but the plethora of reviews and comments she found did not inspire much trust.

Lisa wishes there was an app or website where she could find reputable reviews or get information from actual employees...
Go4Social, 100% Organic Community Influence


Blaise is managing a very small company, and he needed to hire two remote software developers. Software developers are in high demand, and his small company wasn’t positioned to compete with big companies on salary or benefits.

Blaise would like to offer his employees an application with which they could easily share, with their networks, the experiences and all the advantages of a human-sized company.
Go4Social, 100% Organic Community Influence

Anonymous or dubious testimonials on paid media kill trust.

This has really stressed Lisa and negatively impacted Blaise's talent search.

Until, Blaise discovered 

" Crowdsourcing new talent through alumni communities and peer-to-peer recommendations on social media has proven incredibly effective. Go4.Social helped us serve up highly targeted messages built around original creatives and authentic user experiences, shared by our staff and aimed at the right crowds. This was key to attracting great talents in a highly competitive IT market.

As simple as a public / private talent community. 

"The HR team connected me to the online Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). I was able to access a secure space, ask questions, and it helped me get the answers I was looking for through the comments and experiences shared by my "future" colleagues."

Go4.Social facilitate virtual support, helps HR teams to easily collect authentic user experiences and data, and provide a space for employees to ask questions, receive guidance, or simply be heard. 

From outsider to insider

As we all navigate this new world of work together, employees want to know how their company is coping with such an environment, where it is heading, with what values, what changes are coming, and what those changes mean for them. This requires transparency and proactivity.

With Go4.Social, HR teams can adjust their communication strategies by giving employees opportunities to talk about their experience with the company, proactively providing information about the company culture and work environment, and turning employees and candidates into brand advocates and referral sources.


By highlighting the uniqueness of a career at her company through employee-generated content, the company, of which Marie is the HR Director, has attracted better candidates, along with a host of other benefits. 
Les Employee-generated content may seem more candid than what your company usually posts to LinkedIn. But these markers of authenticity are exactly what make employee-generated content (EGC) such an effective advertising tool, and they’re also what makes it so impactful for your employer branding.
Go4Social, 100% Organic Community Influence

Marie is a CHRO who uses
Go4.Social to make her brand unique

To attract best applicants, Marie’s team tracks common metrics like application conversions, hires, and retention to gauge the health of its employer brand. Higher applicant volume, however, isn’t a high-priority figure.

"Employee-generated content has been instrumental in attracting more best-fit candidates." After infusing social timelines with more employee stories, Marie says, “People are able to see themselves in the role and make a more personal connection.” 

Go4.Social helps you make your brand unique on social networks.

Embracing EGC, combined with organic employee participation in the company's social media outreach has helped Marie and her team fine-tune the employer brand and attract candidates that share the company’s values, and the ripple effects have been obvious to Marie: "It has brought our culture to life!"

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of HR employees believe that employee engagement has increased over the past year,

yet only

of non-HR employees feel more engaged over the same time period.

G2 Crowd

Community doesn’t get much better than that!

“As organizations rethink how they live diversity, equity, and inclusion in an authentic way, communities and ERGs are becoming an increasingly important tool for culture-building and strengthening.”

Philippe Permanne Mansuino, Co-founder and COO of Go4social 

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