Switch on your untapped influencers
to advocate your business across online channels

@GO4SOCIAL our focus revolves around one simple idea: helping you leverage the power of your audience’ engagement on social networks to bolster your communication strategy.

Everyone on our team, be it behind the scenes or together with you, believes in what we do and the impact it can have on your business. 

With our Go4.social social advocacy amplifier, we funnel the passions of your customers on your contents. Using a simple, intuitive solution, we give your fans and followers an easy way to advocate your business across online channels -- translating their enthusiasm into a bigger reach, greater engagement, and icing on the social cake -- trust and credibilty. 

Welcome to Go4social!

At GO4SOCIAL, we’ believe participation is the main ingredient for success. Be it new customers, broader recognition, or better results -- great results occur when participation is properly funneled. This idea is the core concept of Go4social's Digital Experience Platform, making it the perfect platform to help you achieve your business goals and maximize the impact of your content.

A 100% Organic Influence Booster, Go4.Social helps brands and companies to identify and activate their most influential customers to become brand ambassadors on social networks.

Go4.Social is a progressive web application, a PWA available outside of iOS and Android stores, designed for mobiles and running seamlessly on any devices and via an API.

Available for download from a simple URL in any browser, your favorite brands are always available on the home screen of the smartphone via a quick launch icon.

Go4.Social AUTOMATICALLY consolidates ALL of brand's social media and ANY related customer experiences in a secure, media-friendly* and 100% brand-controlled environment. (*monetizable)

Eric Clermontet




Success belongs to everyone, but it is only team work that merits. Thank you team for making our social amplification dreams possible!

Eric Clermontet

Eric Clermontet

Founder & CEO

Philippe Permanne Mansuino

Philippe Permanne Mansuino

Co-founder & COO

Bobba Fett

Bobba Fett

Co-founder & CTO

Patrick Hoffstetter

Patrick Hoffstetter

Co-founder, advisor & CBO

Partner - Zone APAC

Fabrice Gaullier 

Partner - Zone APAC

PWA / React Lead Front developer

Raphaël Le Bobinnec

PWA / REACT Lead developer 

.net full stack developer

Aurélien Lautrie

Fullstack C# .net Developer  


Loïc Bigot

UX & Front lead developer

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