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Automatically consolidate ALL brand media activities and ANY related customer experiences (mentions, reviews and UGC)


Harvest genuine, accurate, and deep user insights and data while identifying your most influential customers .


Incentivize nano-influencers participation with premium quality contents.  Reward their real influence with exclusives "money can't buy".


Treat your genuine brand enthusiasts with exclusive contents and empower them to interact whenever, wherever and however they want.


AUTOMATICALLY consolidates ALL of your brand channels and ANY related customer experiences in a secure, media-friendly* and 100% brand-controlled environment.

ALL your media contents on EVERYWHERE SCREENS and in EVERYONE SCREENS!  Go4.Social connects brand and user generated trusted digital experiences across any digital touch point.
Whether in points of sale, at a company or museum's lobby, whether in your open-spaces, at the cafeteria or in the coffee lounge, whether during trade shows and seminars or in a train station or a town hall, whether in or from your fans and follower's phone or your retail networks, create an awesome interactive user experience by sharing exclusive stories and social contents.

* monetizable

Enabling a new channel of choice and creating a unified experience across all channels

Because the 2021 customer journey is dynamic, accessible and continuous, today’s customers increasingly expect a seamless, integrated, consistent and personalized experience across all channels.

With Go4.Social omni-channel approach, the brand effectively operates anywhere, anytime, as a  single channel, orchestrating high-value  customer experiences across all touch points. The customer experience it delivers  is seamless, consistent, increasingly self-serve and personalized  through the integration of agent-assisted channels including digital channels such as social feeds, so that customers can interact  whenever, wherever and however they
want with the brand, across all channels.

Gain greater insights into the expectations, behaviours and desires of customers.

Go4Social assertive, customer-driven approach helps companies which do not just know each customer, but actually wishes to respond and interact dynamically to non-stop customers are now able to leverage Go4.Social's technologies to leverage personalized marketing strategies, to gain greater insights into the expectations, behaviours and desires of customers and to deliver a superior customer experience that educates and engages the customer. 

Identify and recruit genuine Brand enthousiast while supporting your Brand purpose

Go4.Social enables Brands to harvest insights and leverage shared customer experience, influence, voice and sentiments on social networks to drive engagement and accelerate growth—from search to Brand referral. 
Delivering genuine, accurate, and deep consumer insights, Go4.Social enables organisations to identify genuine brand's enthousiast, evaluate their influence and inspire them to become active brand influencers in their social communities. 

Empower Influencers and reward ORGANIC engagement

Empower REAL audiences to share interesting, relevant and authentic stories that ladder back to the brand's purpose.
Go4.Social helps brands connect with their customers eco-system to enable and activate the genuine brand lovers, leveraging their engagement, voice and "ORGANIC" influence to enhance the credibility and reach of brand content. 

6- Animate your communities of brand ambassadors

Give your media content a boost by making it more visible, more engaging, always available and easier to share. Easily personalize your customer touchpoints to catch your audiences' attention and generate increased participation globally and locally.

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