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Smart Displays

Not just another social wall! Whether our Classic Social Wall or the "Fast and Furious" #Hashtag Wall, whether our News Ticker Slider, our Portfolio Wall or our Conference Q&A real time Panel, our display manager will suit any use case. You shall find an appropriate wall theme for every occasion, whatsoever.

Create, Customize or moderate

Our WYSIWYG editor makes its a breeze to customized your social posts, choose a  punchier title, pimp the body copy or the image feature of you stories. You can also customize your user-friendly hub to feature all your private and public news accordingly the status of your visitors.

Filter & Track

With the Wall Filter feature, You can see in real time which of your post is the most read, most shared, most commented or the best performers in one click. You can filter by networks, by channel not only to date but since the beginning of your social life.

Native Posts & Campaigns

Add custom "Native Posts" to highlight anything special to your visitors. Engage and entice your visitors with Special Offers, CTA's or Exclusive VIP News between your social posts. Add extra attractivity to your custom posts with our "smart gamification" features.

Featured Posts

Feature (pin) your special offers or exclusive contents in Premium Spots on your social wall (up to 40 spots). Pin your post and add display animations to capture your visitors' attention. Combine featured post and smart gamification to boost your post performances directly from our social wall. No code needed!

Edit & Moderate User Generated Content

Empower your brand lover to post directly on your wall. No risk guaranteed! Our contextual moderation feature allows you to moderate some message that you find unsuitable, AUTOMATICALLY.
And with our "Editor in context" you can mask, combine any posts or add them to a campaign or a challenge directly from any social wall, in one click (well... 2 in fact).

Dashboards & Analytics

Check out to see how your content is performing on social media by using our analytics feature. Use it to generate reports and keep track of performances. Did we mention our sensational Overview Dashboard?

Auto updates

We automatically pull the content from all your feeds. We automatically moderate your feeds and inappropriate contents will never go live on your walls. We also can make your wall reload as often as You like ! No need to check it every time! its a breeze to use.

 Fits any screen

From mobile phone, tablets, laptops, tv screens, projectors to jumbotrons and LED panels, your application is made to fit any screen automatically due to its responsive design.

Our stack

Do you need more technical insights ? Technologies we love and use enables us to ensure that our social amplification applications are safe, relevant and effective while working seamlessly with all of the existing applications of your infrastructure.

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