Empower your Employees, they are your BEST AMBASSADORS.

Get your employees jazzed up for social media advocacy on behalf of your organization.

Employee-centric Digital eXperience Platform

Empowering the digital employee journey with authenticity, relevance, and personalization, Go4.Social delivers trusted contents to employees, partners, distribution and sales teams onto any digital touch point: online, kiosks, enterprise portals, mobiles, digital signage, and more... for a seamless digital experience!


ALL CONTENTS (top-down & bottom-up) 

Automatically consolidate ALL corporate media activities and ALL related employee experience in a unified and personalized experience, seamlessly!



From employee insights to “brand advocate,” Go4.Social helps organizations recognize their most influential employees while leveraging user generated contents authenticity and relevance.


Employee Generated Referrals (UGC) & e-Word-Of-Mouth

Enable employees to become influencial content creators on a level-playing field that rewards honesty, authenticity and value of content in a more ethical way while building a self-sustaining HR-driven company.



A proprietary RESTful API with 360° interoperability, Go4.Social connects trusted digital omni-channel experiences from a variety of people, including customers, partners, employees, citizens and students across any digital touch point including your enterprise systems and legacy platforms.

Are you ready to empower your employees with exclusive, personalized content, and relevant opportunities?

Empower your company ambassadors through rewards that "money can't buy" with employees becoming the brand “media” while building a self-sustaining human-focused company.

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Empower your attendee's to boost your event's reputation with peer-to-peer recommandations!
Fuel conversations with exclusive news and special offers, set-up smart social walls to liven up your events. Go4.social empower your attendees to become social neworks ambassadors. Plug into the social conversation energy and watch your events accelerate. 
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Showcase Exclusive Contents and VIP offers to your shoppers.
With Go4.social's DIGITAL SIGNAGE, clients can engage in real time with contents, sparking genuine connections within customer's own social networks. Enhance the power of your hashtags to create User Participation in point of sales. Mix them with exclusive and in-store incentives and perks.
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Create an unforgettable employer experience.
Empower your employees to boost your company's reputation with peer-to-peer endorsement! Showcase all of your company's opportunities on a smart social wall to ensure your search for new talents gets to the right audience via a trusted referral.
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Together, we empower NGO's teams and volunteers to share their missions and their enthusiasm across the social web. Together, we boost your charity communication to the power of social networks. Together we empower your communities to sponsor your causes and give credibility to your actions. Leverage your volunteer's passions for your causes toward creating a social marketing advocacy powerhouse.
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