Empower your customers to talk and share their passion for the products and brands they love, and to be encouraged and rewarded for it. 


Unleash the power of consumers as brand advocates and meet your 2021 business challenges with ONE plug & play, easy-to-use and 100% integrated web application available on ALL devices (mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets, TVs and digital signage).

Showcase branded content together with authentic customer experiences in a branded a unified and personalized customer engagement hub empowering you to:
-Refine your business actions according to the consumers’ profiles;
-Promote sponsorship within the network of fans and followers;
-Allow customers to choose their rewards;
-Set up one-on-one, personalized loyalty programs.


One click to enable new communities and create a unified and personalized experience across all channels and all customer's touch points. 

Go4.Social offers engaging, compelling and personalized experience of the brand to provide end-to-end touch points optimization across all customer interactions while facilitating customer participation, recommending relevant content and rewarding participation to create long-term loyalty!


AUTOMATICALLY harmonize ALL of the brand's editorial activities (above, below, and through the line) and ANY related customer experiences (mentions, reviews, UGC) whether owned, earned or paid, never miss out on any of your media or brand mentions in a secure, media-friendly* and 100% brand-controlled environment.

- Create, edit or personalize content at scale;
- Integrate customer voice, naturally;
- Give brands a purpose and customers reasons to share;
- Identify your most influential customers to treat them accordingly;
- Empower your ambassadors with exclusive rewards;

* monetizable and seamlessly aligned with the entire brand ecosystem! 


Build your "Influencer House" and co-create content with Nano-Influencer while amplifying the creative power and social reach of influencers as “Brand Ambassador”.

- Enables the composition, management, delivery and optimization of User Generated Content across a brand controlled ecosystem;
- Amplify influencer content reaching the masses to drive real awareness in a noisy world to ensure maximum exposure, reach and ROI;
- Deliver actionnable insights into authentic customer behaviors;
- Identify the most engaged and influencial customers

Are you ready to empower your fans and followers with exclusive, personalized content?

Empower your brand stewards with rewards "money can't buy", with customers becoming the brand's "media" while building a self-sustaining, customer-influence-centric business.

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Would not it be awesome if buying a Saas app like Go4.social was as easy as buying a "baguette"? Yes it certainly would !

However, since the needs of every company vary, our prices do too.
The Go4.social licensing scheme is a Software WITH a Service (SwaS) model that combines the power of the cloud with All-Included services. Contact us for more information.

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