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Easily build a thriving community wherever your audience is, all under your own brand.

Go4.Community | Go4.Social, 100% Organic Community Influence

Save time & money, build your OWN Influence Network.

There's no magic formula for building a community, but Go4.Social comes really close.

- Bridge the gap between public social networks and private** online communities.  Checked! 
- Bring together people with a shared interest or passion? Easy!
- Create your own influencer houses in minutes? Checked!
- Add real value to your brand's offering, whether it is content, products, services or specific experiences? Easy!
- Enable new communities and create a unified and personalized experience across all channels and touch points. Checked!

* and money!
** and Public and Secret Communities in no time.

Go4.Community | Go4.Social, 100% Organic Community Influence
Connect with your

anytime, anywhere 

Grow a community where passionate members can meet and connect with the brand they love on both web and mobile (iOS, Huawei, and Android).

- Empowering people to speak up and share their passions? Checked!
- Identify and leverage your most engaged and influential members? Easy!
- Spotting fake followers and inauthentic engagement? Checked!
- Meet your next ambassadors validating their reach and influence? Easy!

Go4.Community | Go4.Social, 100% Organic Community Influence

Identify high-potential influencers.

Create your own influence powerhouse and engage all your active members.   

- Identify your most influential members to treat and reward them accordingly? Easy!
- Build less transactional, more authentic relationships with influencers who genuinely love your brand? Checked!
- Leverage quality earned content for wider digital marketing purposes? Easy!
- Grow influencers that authentically reach your brand’s many consumer tribes? Checked!

Go4.Community | Go4.Social, 100% Organic Community Influence

All content is magically available!

Create content or repurpose all of your existing content and that of your members in minutes, wherever your audience is, all under your own brand.

- Bring all reviews, discussions, mentions, hashtags and content together automatically ? Checked!
- Repurpose all social media feeds? Easy!
- Leverage quality earned content while expending your reach? Checked!
- Produce fresh and meaningful content for each audience? Easy!
- How about incorporating customer voices and experiences automatically? Checked!

Go4.Community | Go4.Social, 100% Organic Community Influence

ReCycle | ReNew | RePurpose amazing content, no matter who or where it’s from.

Feature all of the content created around your ecosystem and transform it into curated collections that can be shared anywhere online.

- Integrate with all kinds of social, streaming, storage and other content platforms, from TikTok to Spotify or Twitch to Tumblr? Easy!
- Powerful search tools and customisation features ensuring you can create a user experience consistent with your brand? Checked!
- Monetise Fan feeds by adding activation tiles including e-marketing campaign, ecommerce and quizzes? Easy!
- Share your content anywhere online. Websites, apps, digital signage, streams, email or social. Engage with your consumers at every touch point.? Checked!

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”

Seth Godin

Go4.Community | Go4.Social, 100% Organic Community Influence

One App to rule them all!

All-in-one & Turn-key Rich Web App, Go4.Social is the most comprehensive, no-code online community solution in the world. A truly innovative app that fits all brand community needs!

- Catch up with consumer behaviour? Checked!
- Empower your ambassadors to earn exclusive rewards? Easy!
- Customers becoming the brand “media” and your best ambassadors? Checked!
- Actionable and easy-to-leverage analytics to drive action? Easy!
- Challenge the recurring costs of brand media campaigns with a sustainable strategy to boost organic traffic performance?  Checked!
- Keep influencer costs under control? Easy!

Unleash the power of community members as brand ambassadors.

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